Mr. Clark Hill Committee

Text Box: Started in 1973, the committee is a non-profit organization comprised of 20 local bass clubs throughout the CSRA. Averaging 15 members each, this gives us approximately 300 members. Our mission is to promote the sport of bass fishing through the club affiliations, four major bass tournaments, and newspaper and magazine press releases. 
The Mr. Clark Hill Committee anglers have always been dedicated to helping out local charities.  We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for their past and continued support in this endeavor.  Through their generosity the Committee has been able to provide monetary assistance to many local charities including: MCG Children’s Hospital, Easter Seals, Golden Harvest Food Bank, Wounded Warriors Project, and Toys for Tots. 
In 2012 we began an outreach program to help promote the sport through local schools and colleges. The committee has taken on a sponsorship role with the Augusta State University Fishing Team as well as many local high school teams within the CSRA.
2014 sponsor roster: Columbia County, Fairway Ford-Evans GA, Augusta Marine, Budweiser, Beasley Broadcasting Group, C.N. Brown Plastics.
All Clark Hill Committee sponsored tournaments will be held at Wildwood Park, Columbia County, GA. Click on the Columbia County sponsor link to find park information. 
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Major Sponsors